Monday, April 6, 2009

Beautiful Destin

After a week of crazy storms and tons of rain, the sky turned blue on Friday and we could not resist packing up the boys and heading down to the harbor. We live in paradise, I swear! The Wesson's joined us while we ate cold oysters, enjoyed a beer and watched the fisherman showing off their catch.

The Wesson boys and the Harrell boysJust chillin' at the harbor with twins....

Not much new to report except that Brody still has all of the hair and Wade still has all of the teeth. They are both saying "dadadadada" "lalalalalalalalala" "babababababababa" Mama though. Not even close! I am going to child proof the house this week...they are about to start crawling any second.

Here are some cutie pie pics of the boys at the Hipsh's house a couple of weekends ago!

Alllmmossssst got it...................I have officially banned the wearing of bibs (after these pics of course). I HATE them!!! and the best ones are the cheapy plastic lined ones that have horrible sayings on the front... Our best little girlfriend Campbell.