Monday, April 13, 2009

We are 8 months old today!

The boys are now officially 8 months old...that means 4 months until they turn 1(obviously..haha). Where does the time go? We are STILL enjoying every second, well almost, and Brody and Wade continue to amaze us. I think we have the world's most beautiful and talented and amazing babies, and I am not biased at all...promise! They are learning to sit up from a laying position, still rocking on their hands and knees (Wade mostly) and get pretty frustrated when they cannot reach a toy. Wade actually cried this morning when I left for work. He put his little arms up in the air and started to cry. It darn near killed me. B-man is finally sleeping through the night, again. They get up every morning around 6am and I am proud to say that we have them in a consistent routine. Routine makes the world a happy place, well at our house at least! But, I have learned that breaking the routine occasionally is perfectly fine too...gotta teach the youngin's to be able to adapt to ALL situations! Here are some pics from last week, this weekend at home and of their first Easter!
Nana and Gator took the boys to a local nature trail.

Todd, Rich and the boys! Welcome home Rich...we missed you!!Trying to get a good pic with the boys is pretty much impossible at this age!Daddy and Wade on the hammock...and Miller too!On Saturday, we brought the boys outside with us while we worked in the yard. Todd installed new swings too!

B-man enjoying the spring weather

They LOVE the new swings...Wade is really about to take off. He has figured out how to move his he just needs to figure out how to move him arms at the same time! He spends a lot of time like this, rocking back and forth. I will post a video of him doing it.Todd and I were dying laughing when we put these ears on the boys. They were so interested in their Easter baskets, that they didn't even realize we put them on their heads! It was hilarious...This pic cracks me up. I literally laugh out loud when I look at it. Too cute...