Thursday, August 15, 2013

Weekend with the Dasinger's!

Who in their right mind would invite a family of 5, and their 2 dogs, to spend the weekend with them? Doug, Margaret and Carsen Dasinger...that's who.

We asked them numerous times, "Are you sure about this?" "I mean, we are really loud...are you sure about this?" "Ok. Final chance. We are packed and ready to head out the door...are you really sure about this??" Everytime, they responded with excited "Yes!" and "Bring it!" and "We love chaos!"

So, we went......and had an absolute blast!!!!!

Within 30 minutes of arriving, Doug and Todd walked down to the water with all of the boys, and when Mags and I caught up...this is what we found. Fully clothed and not a care in the world...
 photo 2_zpse860595b.png

Of course, one of my boys ended up naked. Jack, Jack...your sweet hiney mooned the entire neighborhood, as you stayed like that for the entire walk back to their house :) Also, for some reason, Jack felt it necessary to "take care" of Carsen the first couple of hours. He would try to hold his hand or guide him or hug him. Poor Carsen kept looking at us, wondering just what in the heck this little boy, his exact same age, was doing. The picture kind of tells the story...
 photo 3_zps6f6135d2.png

That evening, we had an adult night out. Mags and Doug hired 2 sitters...we loaded up and headed to a Waahoo baseball game, and then out on the town. We had the absolute best time. On the cab ride home, we discovered that we had been gone for more than 7 hours! The morning came very quickly...and off to the bay we went! We had the entire beach to ourselves...
 photo 4_zps2ebbdaf1.png

 photo 5_zpsad5121cc.png

After naps for the kiddos and showers all around, we all went to another Waahoo baseball game, this time with kiddos in tow...our boys first game! As you can imagine, Todd was beaming...
 photo 6_zpsf7af3d9b.png

We kept the kids entertained with snacks, rolls down the grassy hill, jumps in the bounce house, snacks, batting cage, walks around the stadium and more snacks. They were all really good and had a great time at their first baseball game!
 photo 7_zps34387d1a.png

The colors of summer:

 photo 8_zps07192ded.png

 photo 11_zpsf22495f9.png

 photo 10_zps68231d8b.png

After the game, they allow all of the kiddos to come out on the field and run the bases. Jack stayed in his Daddy's arms, but Brody, Wade and Carsen made the loop!
 photo 9_zpseb878f15.png

Thank you so very much Dasinger clan for welcoming us with open arms into your home and space and for the baseball games...what wonderful memories we made together!