Thursday, August 15, 2013

No more training wheels!

After Jack received his strider balance bike for his birthday, the boys decided they were too old for training wheels on their bikes. Great decision, considering their bikes are way too small for them...perfect for learning to ride without the training wheels! Todd removed the trainers and the pedals...taa daa...homemade balance bikes! It is pretty spectacular to see them gain speed, using their legs to push themselves to the perfect momemtum...hike their legs up...and balance! Todd and look at each other...every minute or so, with such pride in our eyes! We are going to give them about another month on the practice bikes and they will be ready to take off on new big boy bikes.

 photo 2_zps20778e7f.png

 photo 3_zpsfbea8e3b.png

And Jack? He does his best to keep up...but looses interest after about 5 minutes and grabs the old trusted tricycle and pedals his little legs, as fast as they will go...

 photo 1_zps5cd98802.png

A few short videos...