Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 13th

The night before their actual birthday, Nana kept sweet Jack for us so we could give Wade and Brody ALL of our attention and get ready for our Big Kahuna's trip in the morning! We decided to give them all of their birthday gifts on the Eve of their birthday, instead of on the actual day, as Jack would have been pretty upset that none of the presents were his. Actually, he would have stolen all of them and claimed them as his own..."Dis is MINE BB and WayWay." Thank you Nana for giving us alone time to spoil the birthday boys!
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Following tradition, we woke up and headed to Big Kahuna's! This is the 2nd year that we have kept them out of school, on their actual birthday, and played at BK's all day long. Except this year, a few of their best little buddies joined in on the action! The you Wood's and Simon's for helping us celebrate the BIG 5!! (Stacey brought along her amazing under water camera and took all of the pics in this post...mine froze...thank you Stacey!)

We woke up that morning to dark clouds in the skies and a radar forcast that didn't look too promising. But, we ventured on and met our friends at the park...During our 6 hours at the park, it shut down for about 1 hour, due to lightning...but this was actually a blessing in disguise...as the park cleared out and we literally had it to ourselves for hours and hours! No lines...no lines...no lines!!

I will let the pictures do the explaining...we all played hard and slept well that night!

Wade, Brody, Grayson, Sean and Cooper...crazy boys!
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 photo 5_zps97f837f2.png

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We had so much fun taking underwater pics...
 photo 6_zps16efdf22.png

 photo 10_zps6b7d1b21.png

Because Stacey was behind the camera, I am actually in pictures. Happy birthday to the 2 that made me a Mommy!
 photo 8_zps9e384e30.png

We love slides!
 photo 1_zps4c797fe4.png

We all had a such a blast, that we purchased our 2014 season passes before we left the park...cannot wait until our next BK adventure!
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 photo 9_zpsd628925a.png

Happy 5th birthday Brody Lee and Wade Aubrey!!