Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The "terrible wonderful" twos...

Dear Jack,

I love you. So very much.
I really do.
But you make it extremely difficult for me to always like you when every ten minutes you throw yourself to the ground so you can kick and cry and carry on like a lunatic.

I know you think ketchup is an acceptable dinner.
I understand that you think 530a is the perfect time to take on the day.
I know how much it stinks to have to share.
I know you really want me to read just one more bedtime story, but 5 is my limit.
I know that you love to use the word no…and you do it quite well!

I know you're frustrated that I did not pick out the correct shirt.
I know everything is yours and no one understands.
I know you want to sleep in your sneakers and hat. Every night.
I understand that you don't approve of the first 3 spoons I gave you.
I understand that you cannot control your amounts of energy that came attached to you on your 2nd birthday.

I get it.
I totally get it.
Frustration is the pits and the concept of patience is beyond your reach.
But hitting your Mom/Dad/Brother/Friend in the head isn't going to make it better.
Do you really like time-outs that much??

I also get that you are funny and love to make people laugh.
I know you love to be the helper and enjoy making people smile.
I know you would love to spend every waking hour doing exactly what your big brothers do.
I know your heart is sensitive and your eyes are filled with wonder.
I know that you already love deeply and have a huge heart and give the best bear hugs.

People constantly take the time to tell us how special you are and how you are going to be something great one day. People can just sense it after spending a short amount of time with you and are drawn to you. You are perceptive and unique and have a spunk about you that I cannot quite describe! And you are probably the most smiley child on the planet...well...except for when you are throwing a tantrum. So...you are probably that most smiley child on the planet ½ of the time.

I am sorry to bother you daily with our silly rules, which you take as mere suggestions. Your keen ability to know exactly what will make us the craziest the fastest is impressive! I am continually in awe of your ability to sob loudly and quickly change to laughing in a matter of a ½ of a seconds time.

Littlest One, I sure hope the terrible two's pass quickly. You have already taken us to heights of love and frustration that we never knew existed.
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Love, Momma