Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter, Part 1

We started off our Easter weekend celebration by dyeing Easter eggs! Let's just say that Wade was more interested in dumping the dye, Brody tried to get as much dye on him as possible and Campbell just watched in awe, wondering what these crazy boys were doing!!

Brody not wanting to share the stickers with Campbell...Look what Wade did within 2 seconds of us setting down the dye!
You mean I am supposed to dye the egg, not my hand??
See boys, this is how it's done!!
Controlled chaos:

And another bowl bites the dust!!!!
The finished product!!
Larry, Moe and Curly...before the bath, to wash of all of that dye!!
The next afternoon, instead of hitting up a park after school, we decided to head on down to the Destin Harbor...
Wade taking in all of the boats and enjoying the sunshine...
Look at those baby blues...
Boats were pulling in and showing off their catch! Fresh cobia...
Daddy showing the boys a pelican up close:
Life is so good, I can hardly stand it. These little guys bring so much joy into our lives!
The boys before school on Friday, all dressed into spring colors for their Easter party!!

Their absolutely AMAZING teacher Sara!!...aka "SAYA"
Wade preferred to collect as many eggs as possible, then dump them out and go about playing...

While Brody preferred to sample the goodies inside of all of the eggs!! Notice there are no eggs in his bucket??Most of their little class...just missing Madeline!!!
After dinner that night, Todd was outside on the back porch and Wade followed him out and dumped out the dogs water bowl(surprise surprise). The boys thought it was the coolest thing ever and spent a good 30 minutes playing in the water and running through it on their bikes...

I will post pics of Easter Sunday later on this week...Happy, Hippity, Hoppity Spring to ALL!!!