Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Potty Prayer

I could not be happier....3 words came out of Brody's mouth yesterday that not only made me do a double take, but had me grinning ear to ear, all day long!!! Are you ready.....drumroll.....

He said:

"Mommy. I pooped."

He actually recognized that something is going on down there and actually told me!! He told me not once, not twice, but three times throughout the day. Where did this come from? My 20 month old might be ready to potty train! I am headed to Wally world today to buy 2 potty chairs and I'm going to buy the "Once Upon a Potty Book", that I remember my Mom reading to Dave. I never, in my whole life, thought I would be so excited over poop. And, he called me Mommy........................

Maybe Wade will jump on the band wagon if he sees his bro-bro sitting on the pot? One can only be so hopeful. Say a potty prayer for the twiners. Lord knows we need it!

On another note...we have been plagued with minor sickness and mysterious stuff going on this past week and a half. Wade started off with the body rash, that went as quickly as it came on...followed by a double ear infection and 10 days of antibiotics. Then, both boys had diarrhea...lasted about 1-2 days. Then, the worst of them all...Brody had a pretty severe allergic reaction, in my book anyways, with his whole body covered in welts and hives, that left a Mama VERY scared. After a steroid shot and a hefty dose of Benadryl, he was good to go. We now have to keep an Epi-Pen at school and at home, in case he has another allergic reaction. We have no idea what caused the reaction in the first place and we are very blessed that it did not effect his breathing in any way. We will meet with the Dr. in 2 weeks to discuss the option of allergy testing. The Dr. was thinking it could have been caused maybe by an ant or insect bite? We will never know...Then, to top it all off, all 3 guys of the house had major tummy issues/diarrhea the entire weekend. B and W missed school yesterday, and we kept Brody out again today. Todd leaves tomorrow for Omaha for 5 days. I really hope all of this sickness goes away while I am playing single-Mama! Wow...pretty much an entire post about POOP! :)