Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter, Part 2

Easter Sunday was filled with lots of love, family, goodies, yummy foods, Easter egg hunts and opening Easter baskets!!! Nana, Gator, Grammie and Pop's all came over to our home to join in the celebration...

The tired monkeys came down the stairs and discovered what the Easter bunny left them!! Brody was more interested in the blocks that we already HAVE!!! Once he realized that there were treats in the basket, he had a perma-grin. He kept saying, "I want more snack" and " I want more M's(M&M's)" or "That's my boat. That's Mine. MINE!!"Wade was thrilled to get a boat!! He must of said "boat" 80 million times. And the bubbles...ahhh...such an inexpensive gift, but a delight for 19 month olds! He did a once over on each and every item in his basket and decided that he wanted to hold everything all at once. He is quite the hoarder and loves to carry LOTS of stuff, ie. when coloring, he wants to hold all of the crayons; when in the bath, he wants to hold all of the get the point!!
The Family:And then came the Grandparents!!! They were anxious to show the boys what the Easter bunny left at their houses!!
He left 2 big ol' ducks in Panama City! They (the ducks) came over with Grammie and Pop's in the back of the jeep and even had their seat belts on!!
Then they opened their buckets from Nana and Gator's house...lot's of yummy treats, squirt guns, aqua socks and trucks!"Gator, more please. More please. More. More. MORE!!!!" We discovered that they LOVE rice krispie treats. (Love is an understatement.) Todd also LOVES them too...caught him on numerous occasions sneaking them out of their buckets....Our Easter lunch was very yummmy...ribs, mac-n-cheese, green beans and flaky biscuits! Wade absolutely loved his Daddy's ribs...Daddy was extremely proud...After our lunch, we all headed to the park for the Easter egg hunt and to run off some of the sugar induced energy! (Gator was not able to join us...we missed you Gator!!)
On the hunt!!!!