Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Biting Hurts!

Life isn't always sunny days and popsicles....Yesterday wasn't such a good day for the newly turned 20 month olds. I picked them up from school to learn that they both just had major diarrhea explosions and they both were biting. It seems to be a constant struggle, always telling the boys, "We don't bite our friends..." or "We don't hit our friends..." or "Biting Hurts!" or "Nice touches..." or "Please say you are sorry...". Having 2 toddlers, the same age, there are bound to be disagreements and fighting and pushing and biting and crying and not sharing. You get the point. They do not understand that every item is not "MINE". To a 1 year old, everything is MINE. I capitalize MINE because that's exactly how they say it. All of the time. Don't get me wrong, they are the sweetest, most lovable children I could ever ask for, but they are learning their boundaries, and how to push them. Twins can be the best of buddies, but also intensely aggressive towards each other. Sometimes the wrestling starts as a game, but the majority of the time ends in crying and fighting. We always reward the good behavior, recognize the bad behavior and separate them when the going gets tough. Sometimes it's as easy as removing the object or completely separating them. They are always together and constantly competing for attention, toys or what have be a toddler. Life with twins will remain a challenge, dealing with competition for a long time, I suppose. I just hope that our constant discipline and rewarding will pay off in the long run. But, how lucky that we were chosen to be gifted with Brody and Wade. What a miracle to have 2 babies grow inside of me, always have a friend(or enemy) and a lifelong bond that a lot of people do not get to experience.

The boys are staying home today, due to the diarrhea yesterday. They have not had any symptoms since they left school, but we would never want to intentionally pass along a bug to the other kids and teachers!! Daddy is enjoying their company this morning and I will get them all to myself this afternoon!! I love it when I get an extra day with them...sometimes "sick" days are the best days of them all...!!!

Ever feasted your eyes on one of these??

That red thing, attached to Brody's clothing yesterday, is a biting stick/teether. Not a dog toy...I promise!! It is what they attach to the kiddos clothes when they are having a biting day. They encourage them to bite on the stick instead of their friends...and I think it actually works! It sounds so barbaric to say bite on this instead of your friends...but it is what it is. Toddlers bite and BITING HURTS!!! Brody was gnawing on it, right where his last 2 teeth are coming in, so it probably brought relief to those swollen gums.

This is what your child looks like after a diarrhea explosion at school, and obviously not sending extra clothes that match.

Our nephew/cousin Caden has been battling nasty respiratory infections, 2nd bought of pneumonia and a horrible cough for a long time...please say prayers that he starts to feel better soon and that he can overcome these obstacles quickly!! We LOVE you Caden Michael!!