Monday, April 12, 2010

Land of the FREE, Home of the BRAVE

Well...Spring in the FL is very short lived. I think it was here for about a week or so...and summer is trying to move its way in the door. I am stomping my foot, very loudly...telling summer to stay away for good, but in the end, mother nature will prevail. I just know it.

In the meantime, we are staying cool by eating lots of popsicles! I do not know if you can even call it "eating", because half of the popsicle ends up on their bodies, clothes and even in their hair!! For some reason, I do not mind when my boys get good and dirty...means they are living it up and exploring their world! After dinner last week...Todd threw the munchkins in the stroller, with a popsicle, of course, and headed around the block. He is pretending to run in this pic...don't let him fool you. He took a nice long stroll around the neighborhood!

Here are the boys getting sprayed with the garden hose, post walk and post popsicle. We actually had to spray the stroller down because it was covered in a sticky, gooey popsicle mess!
The B-man watching the sun go down and learning how to drink out of a garden hose...More got in his hair than in his mouth!

The wonderful smells of spring..errr...summer...
Some fun pics playing at Campbell's house...He was pushing this stroller, and it was the funniest thing...but as soon as I brought out the camera, he quickly ran away. Probably knowing that one day his brother would use it as blackmail!

Hilarious pic of Brody...rhinestone cowboy baby!!
Finally got it on my big ol' noggin!!
Both of the boys....
And Wade took a turn with the pink hat too!!

The boys motor skills are becoming better and better each day....They are saying please and thank you all of the time, with reminders of course, and use sign language to go along with their words!
Wade...poor poor Wade. He keeps on injuring his head, the exact same spot. See the big ol' bruise on his forehead?? This is the 3rd time it has looked like this, over a span of about 4 months. We have had to watch him very closely in the 24 hours following his head injury, making sure he was not showing any signs of a concussion. Thank you Lord, as it just looks worse than it really is. We are so fortunate!!
I picked Wade up from school early on Thursday and took him to the Dr. for a mysterious body rash, that was all over his trunk, neck and extremities. Dr. Keefe diagnosed it as the ending of a virus that he must of had. We were not aware of a virus, but she said that we might not have even noticed. Symptoms present themselves differently with all viruses and infections and the rash was non-contagious. While we were there, we found out the poor guy has a double ear infection!!! You would have never known it, as he did not show any signs or symptoms...tough little cookie!!! He is finally on the mend and both are at school today!!
On Sunday, we were fortunate enough to be able to attend the Eglin Air Force Base air show, as Distinguished Guests, courtesy of Ret. Col Gates...Gator's Dad!! Thank you so much Mr . Gates...we had a great time!!

Have a great week!!!!