Saturday, April 17, 2010

My boys love to color. They absolutely love it!! Well, for a little bit anyways...Brody ends up watching me draw after a while and Wade entertains himself by hoarding crayons and dumping them in and out of the bucket.

And when they grow tired of crayons, we bring out the chalk. They broke a lot of the sticks by throwing them, but hey, at least they were not eating them this time. That's always a plus.

Mommy and Daddy's bed is reserved for giggles, wrestling, snugglin' and cuddlin' up and just hanging out as a family...

Oh yeah, wanted to mention that B-man is now calling me Carly. Seriously?? He is 1 1/2!!!!! I only have 2 people in this entire world who call me Mama/ every time he calls me Carly, I politely correct him, and let him know that I am Mommy...not Carly. He probably wonders why everybody else calls me Carly...but hey, I don't care. We will get into that later...I AM MOMMY!!!!!