Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We love being outdoors and spend every second enjoying the sunshine and perfect spring weather!! We run everywhere we go...and Daddy sometimes has to chase us down and scoop us up...We even play on the back porch at nighttime!We enjoy spending time with our cousin Caden....And of course, we spend TONS of time at the park. We go every single day and are on a mission to hit every park in Okaloosa County. I think we have been to 10 so far, and the 3 best happen to be with a mile or two from home!and we are learning about ALL of our body parts.... Check out Brody's looks like he is thinking, "Dude, mom has the camera out. Quit picking your are embarrassing me..."!We love to show off our bellies....We are getting into everything and exploring our world... All of this playing and exploring makes us hungry!!! Time for snack!

Check out Mommy and Daddy's "snack"! Warmer weather = BBQ!!!

We are going to visit the Easter Bunny this Saturday down at the Harbor. Let's hope the boys take to the Easter Bunny a little better than they did with Santa... We are dying Easter eggs tonight with The Hipsh family, and I can almost certainly guarantee that they will be going to school tomorrow covered in dye!!!