Monday, December 14, 2009

Parades, pizza, silly hats and Santa!

We took the boys to their very first parade last Monday night! It was the Fort Walton Beach Christmas Parade and the boys loved it. Brody did lots of dancin' and Wade was in awe. We brought their wagon and all of the kiddos took turns riding in it! The boys took turns on Mr. Larry, Mr. Aaron and Daddy's shoulders. Too cute.

These days are spent dancing and dancing in the Harrell household. Wade throws his arms up and spins in circles and B-man shakes his groove thang...Daddy played in a golf tournament on Friday and Saturday and it was freezing outside. We were looking through all of my old Breckenridge clothes and we came across this dorky hat. All 3 "boys" tried it on!My boys LOVE them some pizza.... After pizza, we got the boys all cleaned up and headed to Bass Pro to see Santa and to walk around the Commons. Santa was not a favorite part of the day. Wade looked extremely uncomfortable and Brody screamed. We were able to get 1 picture! Isn't this picture a classic?

After Santa, we took a stroll through the Commons and saw the biggest Christmas tree! See me and my boys in the bottom left corner?

After Santa, we went over to the HUGE fish tank and the boys were amazed by all of the large fish. All of the sudden, a huge grouper was swimming right towards Wade and it scared him to death! He started crying and jumped into his Daddy's arms... Seriously, what in the world is the deal with the darn fireplace. It is a DAILY battle. Check out this pic of the boys standing up on it and looking at their Daddy, because they know they are not supposed to stand on the fireplace. Guilty little fella's!And here is Todd showing them who is boss!
This is their typical morning routine while we get ready for work. They sit on the floor in the family room and drink their milk and watch Baby Einstein. It is the sweetest thing!
Christmas is less than 2 weeks away....we cannot wait! Merry Christmas Everyone!