Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lots and lots a pics!

We spent our Thanksgiving holiday at Grandmother's house in Macclenny! We always love going to her house...we do lots of relaxing and eating and napping, however, as the boys get older, there isn't much relaxing going on! Grammie, Pop's, Uncle Scott, Aunt Allie, Cousin Caden, Uncle Andy, Aunt Marilyn, Cousin Andrea and Quirk were all also there to celebrate Thanksgiving. Brody got over his sickness, Wade developed a fever and we kicked its butt with antibiotics, Caden suffered a 2nd degree burn and landed himself in the ER, Wade fell on the tile floor onto his head, Allie and I conquered Black Friday and new shades were hung in the motor home. It was a busy holiday, but a WONDERFUL one too! As always, here are pics:

Check out all of the cannot even see it all from this picture! Wade and B-man enjoying the Thanksgiving feast! Notice Mommy isn't getting to eat? Ahhh...the joys of raising twins!
Grandmother has a HUGE yard...enjoyed by all!Miller, enjoying some Caden lovin'Uncle Scotty and QuirkWhile Allie and I were relishing in our 7 hours of shopping, they found Todd and Scott's old rocking/jumpy horse thingy. The 3 boys loved it and spent hours on it. Todd even tried to pull a National Lampoon moment on me and told me that he was going to strap it to the top of the Suburban. Oh boy. It is still at Grandmothers.

Check out Wades poor head. It darn near broke my heartGrandmother and her 3 Great Grandsons:Silly boys...

The boys loved the long hallway and easy access to the garbage. They also loved to sneak up the stairs, bang on the washing machine and pull everything out from under the microwave shelf. We were all downstairs at one point, and Allie went upstairs to do something, and found Caden all by himself, playing with sweet potatoes in a box. Toddlers are very sneaky!It is incredibly fun to get all 3 boys together nowadays. They are only 3 1/2 months apart, and are now, more than ever, really playing together. There was lots of stealing toys and pushing and tugging ,but all in toddler love. Imagine the fun they are going to have when they are 16 years old.

Our 2 little travelers. Lots of snacks and DVDs...

Just some pics from before their bath last night, playing in the family room with Daddy. They are in red and green because they took Christmas pics at their school...getting ready for Santa to come!

When Wade gets really excited, he bows his little chest out and grins real big. I just love it. This pic sums up his personality perfectly. Could he be any cuter?And here is our sweet baby B. Has yogurt all over his shirt, but manages to always look so handsome! His smile melts my heart...At some point during the evening, somebody managed to tear the weight off of a balloon that we had from when B was in the hospital, and it floated to the top of our 2nd story ceilings. Won't be playing with that anytime soon!

I just love this age and I am completely enamored with my two little guys. I am completely and totally in love with them. They amaze me each and every day. And the best part? I get to be their Momma...for forever.