Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesus!

We had an amazing Christmas this year!!! Filled with tons of love, family and memories...Thank you "Santa's" for ALL of the gifts and for another amazing Christmas!!!!!

We started off on Christmas Eve by celebrating Christmas with my side of the family...

Look what Santa brought to Nana and Gator's house for Brody and Wade...a new table! 10 minutes later, the chairs were all over-turned and Wade threw the table. We have decided that it will only be set out during mealtimes, until they learn that a table and chairs are for SITTING!! ha ha Santa left them suction plates and bowls, so hey, even if the table is upside down, at least the plates will still be attached!

Gator, Nana and the boys:Uncle Dave reading to Wade
Wade with a bow around his head!
The B-man NOT happy about sharing...

After Nana, Gator and Uncle Dave left, we gave the boys a bath and dressed them in their cutie pie Christmas PJ's from Nana...they even had reindeer footies! Daddy started a tradition this year and read the boys "The Night Before Christmas". Thank you Grammie for the book!

After the boys went down for "nite nite", we enjoyed steak and lobster and celebrated my 31st birthday! Am I really already 31 years old? Time sure does fly, especially when you have children! It was nice to be home and enjoy the holidays with our little family.

The boys had such a great time discovering all of the toys and games and books and stocking stuffers that Santa left for them! We had an even better time watching them enjoy it... I had to post these pics to show the boys "enjoying" one of their presents. Poor twins, they always have to share!!! Look closely at Wade's face in the first pic and Brody's in the 2nd:
After presents were opened and breakfast was served, we loaded up the dogs and kids and presents and luggage and the kitchen sink, and headed to PCB to celebrate with Todd's side of the family at Grammie and Pop's house! Mimi, Uncle Scott (Brody calls him "cot"), Aunt Allie and Cousin Caden were all there too!

Look what Santa left in rocking horses for all of the boys!! They all had a great time playing on them...Thank you Caden for sharing yours with us!

A rare pic of Brody and Wade with their Mommy:

The whole Harrell clan! We took 4 shots and this was the best one:

Wade was totally in love with the fish tank. He would go down the hallway and sit on the floor or a box and watch the fish...all by himself. It was the sweetest thing! He would do it over and over throughout the day. It is kind of hard to see him, but he is sitting on a box, pointing up at the tank(inside the wall) in awe:

Check out B-man's firm grip:

Gotta love ridin' on Daddy's shoulders!

Burning off some of that endless energy. This was right before Brody did a face plant on the pavement, and scraped his cheek, nose and busted his lip. It broke my heart.

Caden racing to get them!

3 generations of Harrell's...

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!!