Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bring on 2010!

2010 has started off pretty uneventful, which, to me, is a good thing!! We have been laying pretty low, enjoying the daily grind and staying warm with our fireplace. FL has been experiencing colder temperatures than we have seen in 25+ years! Nighttime lows, as low as 12 degrees and daytime highs, as low as 31 degrees! We have all of this freezing cold without any snow. Just crazy neighbors that keep their sprinklers on, and their yards are covered in icicles and frozen grass!We celebrated 2010 at home, with our little munchkins! We did sparklers on the front porch and this tired Mama passed out at 10pm! This was the very first year that I did not watch the ball drop. Oh turned 2010, and here we are in another decade. Grammie and Pop's watched the boys last weekend, so that we could get the house and office together, and the storage unit cleaned out and re-stuffed. It was a nice break from the kiddos...but I sure missed them! Our house is not a home without Brody and Wade! Thank you Grammie and Pop's...we love you guys!

Here are recent pics from our last week or so:
The B-man and crazy Wade "talking on the phone":

For some reason, (and maybe they do this at school?), Wade kisses all cats and kittens in his books. ???Check them out, heading up the stairs in their cutie new PJ's...Wade lounging in his ducky...

B-man, all ready for school!

Posing for Mommy. They got up the rocker by themselves, and were just rocking back and forth, side by side: We went over to the Hipsh's home last week for football, and Campbell decided it would be fun to push the boys around in her stroller!! It was hilarious...They had all of us cracking up!

Todd and I are are REALLY looking forward to our stay at a bed and breakfast at the end of the month. Nana and Gator arranged the whole thing and are coming over to watch the boys so we can have a romantic weekend away!! Merry Christmas to us and thank you Nana and Gator! Check it out:

I am so excited, I can hardly stand it!!