Monday, January 18, 2010

over and over and over

I had the most horrifying dream that I could ever imagine this weekend. Yes, it is Monday, and I am still replaying the dream, over and over, and I just cannot shake it!!!

I dreamt that we lost Wade in the ocean. We took our eyes off of him for maybe 10 seconds, and I asked Todd, "Where is Wade"?

He replied, "I don't see him! I thought YOU were watching him!!??!!"

We looked and searched and hunted for him, for over an hour, and "they" told me that he was probably gone. I woke up in a cold sweat...

Most of us, who are parents, go about our daily lives, with our spouse and children and could never imagine anything horrible happening. Todd and I even joke that we are living "Groundhog Day"...the same darn routine, over and over and over again.

Something as simple as a horrible dream has thrown me back into reality, and once again relishing in the fact that children are truly a gift. One that keeps giving...over and over and over.

They have taught me that this is the end of my independence and self regard and the beginning of interdependence and a love that you never could have imagined.

I love watching them learn to do new tasks and actions and get that cute, little "I did it" look in their eyes...I love to watch them express all of their emotions-Toddlers act how they feel and do not hide a thing!!!...I love their kissable lips and sweet little cheeks....I love how they could be having the absolute worst moment in their little lives, and a simple hug will do the trick...I love how they still amaze me, over and over and over again...