Monday, January 25, 2010


Well, most of you, dear family and friends, have already heard our big news...we are pregnant with Baby #3!!! Obviously, Todd and I do not follow the whole "don't tell anybody until after the first trimester" rule...heck...we are excited!! So, there ya have it. Will update more about the pregnancy as we progress! Maybe if I "think pink", the newest Harrell will be a GIRL!!! about a happy surprise!!! lets back up a bit...Last week was just plain yucky. Both boys were sick with the crud. Brody was out of school Mon - Wed and Wade was out Mon - Thurs! It was strange, because although the seemed to feel pretty good, they would spike fevers and were having some stomach problems.

My sick boys:

But while they were feeling good, we danced and played and cuddled and stole Daddy's hat!This weekend, Uncle Dave came into town, and we had a good ole' time with him...went over to Nana and Gator's house to celebrate Gator's birthday on Saturday night and watched football on Sunday!

Look at sweet Wade, looking in awe at his Daddy and Uncle Dave, hang a pot holder:

My 3 boys enjoying the nice weather and doing some hammock swingin':

Controlled chaos?

Probably one of my most favorite pics...Doesn't B-man look so content?

Happy Monday!!!


Krysten said...

Congratulations! It is so super duper retarded hard to keep that a secret! I barely made it. You are just so excited for everyone to know because it is an exciting thing :) Phil and I are happy for you guys. We will think pink!