Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Wow. Was it ever nice to get away for the weekend. Just time for me and Todd. The Mommy and Daddy. We saw Avatar in 3D, grubbed at Carrabba's, relaxed, went to bed early, and woke up just as early (must be our internal alarm clocks kickin' in...), ate breakfast in bed, took a nap and came back home!!!! Our bed and breakfast was incredibly quaint and romantic, with amazing food, a comfy bed, superb views, a huge garden tub and everything we could have asked for.

Here is our room:
And the beautiful view:And the back of Henderson Inn. Even though we were only 15 minutes from home, we felt like we were far away! Doesn't it look "New Englandy?"While we bed and breakfast'd it, Nana and Gator took the boys to the park, to the pet store and just had a good old time! Thank you again guys!
This picture cracks me up. Check out Wade's face!! He used to love to swing and now it terrifies him! We even tried to put him in the swings in our front yard and he started shaking and said "out"! Awww...he also does not like to stand on changing tables or sit on counter tops. While he is very daring and has no fear, this seems to be his exception to that rule. As long as he is on the ground, he is fine!B-man loving life on the swing!!!!
Here are some pics of our sweet boys from this past week.
Always a nose running or a mouth drooling....A little synopsis on Brody and Wade, in their 17 month of life:

Brody Lee...sensitive, smart, inquisitive, tender, sweet soul; everything is "mine", hates to share Mommy and Daddy with Wade, loves getting a bath and splashing, would prefer to do everything on his own, is repeating every word you ask him to repeat, loves all foods, cannot go to sleep with out water, says, "Wade" every morning when he wakes up; Loves to cuddle with Daddy on the couch and is momma's little love...

Crazy bed head:

Looks sad, but he is VERY focused on the camera! It is hard to get him to smile lately when I bring out the camera. He is intrigued with the lens and the buttons...maybe he will be a photographer!Wade Aubrey...daring, curious, intelligent, a cuddler, a great sharer; seems to bite his brother when the going gets tough, follows directions very well and everything already has to be "just so", is climbing anything and everything, likes to help with tasks, loves juice and looking at books with animals; runs everywhere he goes, is all boy, finally has a full head of hair and will tell you "Not nice" if you upset him and is momma's little love...

See, he is always running!!While B-man took a long nap, Todd and Wade spent sometime out in the front yard, rolling down the hill and running all over the place!

Daddy telling Wade all there is to know about life...or, maybe just not to go in the street?

And of course, discussing the importance of trucks...Daddy bought the boys a little present...a new tunnel to crawl and play in! They absolutely love it...it has little mesh windows all throughout and they play peek a boo through them and chase each other through the tunnel! How fun to have a playmate at all times!
We are awaiting our appointment with my OB on February 11th to make sure all is well with our 3rd little Pea in the Pod! While we are thrilled with our little miracle, we do understand how important these first few weeks are for the viability, health and overall well being of the baby. You just never know at this point!! Please keep the little one in your prayers that all goes to plan and that I have a healthy and stress-free pregnancy! Thank you for all of the well wishes, via email and Facebook! xoxo