Monday, February 22, 2010

Here comes the sun(shine!)

Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it's been here
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
and I say it's all right
This sums up Wade's personality perfectly...Crazy hair B-man. I think this was right after naptime!!
The Mill's
We had my appointment last week for Baby #3 and all looks great! Heart was beating at a strong 160 beats per minute and I am measuring right on target. Due date is set for October 1st, however, since I will be having another c-section, the Dr. will probably schedule it for September 24th!! I guess they want to schedule it earlier so that you do not go into, Sept. 24th it is!! Here is a blurry cell phone pic of the little pea in the pod on the computer screen!