Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day was Mmmm Mmmmm Good!

This weekend started off with a party at the boys' school for Valentine's Day! Their teacher, Ms. Sara, put so much work into the party...Thank you so much "Ms. Sa-ya"!!

The 1 year old class enjoying their treats!The boys all wore shirts that said, "The ladies love me". Ms. "Sa-ya" purchased them and put their names on the back of all of the shirts! Brody's had a #1 and Wade's had a #2...too cute!Some body was thrilled to see his Dadddddeeeeee....Brody is infatuated with Todd these days. He literally lights up when Todd walks into a room. Although I secretly wish the boys would always remain "Mommy's boys", it is satisfying watching Todd's reaction to being adored. It melts my heart in ways I cannot describe!Brody did not make a peep the entire time they ate and was the very last one to get up from the table. Wade, on the other hand, dumped his plate the minute they sat down and walked around stealing everybody's sippy cups.B-man and crazy Wade enjoying the party:Grammie and Pop's drove over to pick up the boys and keep them for the weekend! Here they are getting a kick out of all of the kiddos....
We decided Saturday afternoon to drive on over to PCB and join Grammie, Pop's and the little fella's....On Sunday morning, the boys helped Pop's make waffles!Don't they actually look kind of like twins here?

The Wonder Horse made its way from Macclenney to the family room of Grammie and Pop's...

Thank you again Grammie and Pop's for a WONDERFUL weekend! We love you!

We took the munchkins to their 18 month check up and shot appointment yesterday! They are both almost 34 inches tall and B-man is weighing in at about 30 pounds and Wade is weighing in at 32 pounds! We have ourselves some VERY healthy babes!!! They took their shots in stride , and after a camo band-aid and a lollipop, all was good in the world. They are developing just perfectly...as if we did not already know this :)

I will be 8 weeks pregnant on Thursday and will have an appointment at 8am that morning. I am not as far along as we initially thought...meaning when we found out I was pregnant, I must have been 3 1/2 to 4 weeks pregnant...VERY early!!!!! I am saying many prayers that the pregnancy continues to thrive and remain viable. I guess it is a common worry among Mothers, especially after you realize what a miracle having a child really is! Here is a little picture from the Internet, showing what our 3rd little miracle might look like at this point...