Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's almost Christmas!!

I cannot believe that Christmas is less than 2 days away! We are getting incredibly excited to see the boys really enjoy Christmas this year...it is so fun to watch your children experience the simple joys in life. Nothing like seeing everything through the eyes of children!

Here are 2 of my most recent favorite pics of my boys...

Their school had a party for each class last Friday and all of the parents and grandparents were invited! They wore their jammies to school and ate tons of sugar...and opened lots of gifts! It was fun to see all of the kiddos, with their "friends" and teachers, all interacting, while their parents were in the classroom. Best way to put it was VERY organized chaos. I still do not know how their teachers, Ms. Maegan and Ms. Sara do it all day long. And, to top it off, Ms. Maegan is pregnant!!! Say a prayer for her because she is growing this baby all by herself, as her husband is serving our country overseas. He will be back in time for their little miracle...I cannot wait to find out what she is having!
Brody in his jammies for school!

Wade was super excited about going to school with his jammies on...

Here is a pic of their little class with Ms. Maegan and Ms. Sara!
Sweet McLaren...Doesn't she look just like Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch? I could just eat her up!
The Harrell boys enjoying the goodies:

Check out all of their artwork that they have created for us throughout the month of December at school!

They are really into dancing these days...they will just all of the sudden break out in a cute little dance move, then go about their business! Here are a few pics I was able to capture of the B:

The boys have REALLY started interacting with each other and playing together. They play "chase" and "come and get me" and their version of "peek-a-boo" all of the time. It fills our home with giggles. They have also started fighting over toys and have resorted to hitting and pulling and shoving and doing whatever they can to get back their toy. It fills our home with squeals and cries. At this age, everything to them is "MINE". Brody is struggling on the sharing aspect of toddlerhood, while Wade seems to enjoy the satisfaction of giving his brother everything, maybe before he takes it?? hahaha Wade even feeds B-man and holds his sippy cup for him. It melts my heart to watch Wade be so kind and giving.

Here they are playing peek-a-boo through the chair... And tipping over the coffee table and playing peek-a-boo:
And Wade giving Brody a kiss on the shoulder!
The Wade-man FINALLY needed a haircut...well, kind of! It was getting long and wispy in the back and on top, and we did not want anybody to mistake it for a mullet, so he got a trim! He sat perfectly still in my lap and it did not bother him a bit! Here are a few pics of the little man enjoying his lollipop and posing for Mommy:


Christie Davis said...

Oh man. I love all the pics, but I love love love the one of Brody in his PJ's for school. He has a perfect smile on his face!!