Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandmother!!

We drove over to Macclenny to spend time with the Harrell clan...and to celebrate Grandmother's 84th birthday!! We helped Grandmother celebrate her birthday with Uncle Andy, Aunt Marilyn, cousin Alex, cousin Andrea, cousin Madeline, Uncle Scott, Aunt Allie, cousin Caden, Grammie and Pop's! This was the first time that all 4 great-grandchildren were able to all be together at Grandmothers!

This was the best picture out of the 30 or so pics we took, while all of the "greats" were sitting with their Great-Grandmother!
All of the Harrell boys and little Miss Madeline came out of the bedroom, doing a birthday march, singing Happy Birthday to Grandmother!
And then, they presented her with their artwork!!
Alex, Marilyn and Madeline serenaded Grandmother with a song, while playing the Ukulele...or however you spell it...We all chimed in, and the boys danced...The B-man was not quite acting himself this weekend...he was starting to come down with a cold and was reserved and cuddly. Wade on the other hand, acted like a maniac. He was literally running in circles, climbing on everything and everybody, all weekend long. He showed the family why we call him "Crazy Wade". He was so excited to be around everybody that he could just not contain himself!!! He actually stayed up until around 10:30-11p on Saturday night. He really wanted to play board games with the big kids! Maybe in couple more years Wade!! This pic was taken LONG after Caden, Madeline and Brody were asleep...
The Daddies and kiddos spent a lot of time in Grandmothers huge backyard, playing ball, exploring, riding bikes and just running and running!The weekend would not have been complete without tons of hugs and kisses!Today is Madeline Annabelle's 2nd birthday!! Happy 2nd Birthday Madeline!!! Glad you were able to soak up some of the FL rays, before heading back to New England!
On Sunday, after we packed everything and everybody up, we headed home and settled in for our 5 hour drive back to Shalimar. We like to break up the trip for the boys and the dogs, so we stopped by a big grassy field and let them chow down on McDonald's!!

One of our many road trip picnics:
And as I got closer and closer, I realized B-man was holding the french fry containers upside down...And then, I saw what happened. He was in heaven. French fry heaven...Ahhh, to be young again and not have a care in the world!While we were in Macclenny, we were all commenting on how much Wade looks like Pop's. G-mom dug out baby photos of Lee, and the resemblance is incredible!!!! Wade looks just like his Pop's!! See for yourself:On a sad note and with a very heavy heart...I do not even know how to write this. I know it is an impersonal way to tell family and friends that might not know, but I believe that this will save Todd and I the stress of having to relive it, over and over. Telling our family and friends is such a hard thing to do!! Our pregnancy was no longer viable and I am no longer pregnant. I was 10 1/2 weeks when we found out. It was/is still a shock to us and our families, but we are moving on and we know, without a doubt, that God has a plan and that His decisions will make sense in time. Please know that we are OK, that we have found peace in the situation and we thank you for your prayers and concerns. There is really nothing more to say, except that our "baby" will forever be a part of us... :( Love, Carly and Todd