Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Patch and Trick-or-Treating

Same Patch...different year! This is our 6th year coming to the same pumpkin patch, with one exception. We were not able to come until Oct 30th this year, and there were barely any pumpkins left. It was kind of funny, but the boys still had fun and memories were made and our tradition was followed!

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Follows in his brother's exact footsteps...well, almost...ha!!
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The past years...

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We decided to have a low key Halloween this year, and I am so glad we did. We trick-or-treated in our own neighborhood, for the very first time since the kids have been born! We took our time, going from house to house, soaking up all of the little moments that tend to get lost in a big crowd of people. (How Jack was always 2 steps behind...his little boxer cape and candy bag, dragging behind him...How at first they were all nervous to ask for the candy, but by the end, they were bolting across the yards...How Brody and Wade held Jack's hand, shared their candy with him and introduced him to all that would come near. They are such proud big brothers!) To me, Halloween is the epitome of childhood. I am cherishing these innocent years! I will always remember marking the days off my calendar in anticipation of the exciting day of parties, costumes, and loads of candy. One of my favorite memories is dumping my overflowing bag of candy onto the floor and trading with my friends!
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We were finally forced inside by the rain...and after quick baths and showers, we poured through our loot!
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