Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Annual Alzheimer's Walk, Football with Friends and The Painted Pony

Saturday morning, we attended the annual Alzheimer's Walk, and this year, Brody and Wade helped to register the runners and pass out t-shirts! What a great cause...
 photo 2_zps1688b7fb.png

That afternoon, we headed over to the Laird's house to watch football and welcome Rich back home! Another evening, filled with the chaos of rambunctious little ones, filling every square inch of a house with giggles and mischief.

Sweet Rylee and Jack, reunited!/ Trying to encourage some down time with a movie. You can imagine our plan didn't work out so well..
 photo 4_zpsaf2e67d7.png

Sunday morning, we loaded up the kids and headed to Tallahassee to meet Allie and the kids at The Painted Pony...We rode horses (again, everyone but Jack...), explored the farm, played with the animals, ate ice cream and got to help paint the horse!
 photo 25_zps5c642a24.png

Although Jack didn't want to partake in the horseback riding activity, he found a lot of others ways to keep himself busy, as well as entertaining others! Whew!
 photo 27_zps40c5cdbc.png

 photo 24_zpsfa2bf6b8.png

 photo 26_zps78d94e9b.png

It was a jam packed weekend, but throughly enjoyed by all!