Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Holland Farms

We arrived in 4 sperate vehicles...that is what it took to get 9 kids(6yrs old and under) and 5 adults(who should have been drinking...) to Holland Farms! The kids had an absolute ball and the parents were exhausted. Wheww! Kelly was the one one who had her husband with her...the rest of ours were at the FSU/Miami game! The kiddos were filled with so much energy, thank goodness they had huge areas to run and yell!

We rode horses(everyone but Jack, who would not even get close to a horse...), zipped down the zip line, played in the corn box, went on a ahyride, slid down the double hill slide, ate boiled peanuts and slurped blue and red icee's. It was a wonderful day! Can you tell from their shirts that it was gameday?
 photo 16_zpsb5f5f252.png

 photo 21_zpsc03f530c.png

 photo 17_zpsea403180.png

 photo 19_zps6ef122f7.png

 photo 20_zps00237473.png

The Hayride...we are missing Kelly and Emery, but who do you think took the pic??
 photo 18_zpsae9014fb.png

A little taste of the crazziness...

This cracked me up. Kelly went into the little store to buy an icee, and ended up having to purchase an apple, because a certain someone took a bite out of one!! hehehe
 photo 22_zps6a125c29.png