Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Annual Halloween Parade at School and FSU game!

I look forward to this event each year....the annual Halloween Party at their school! This is an event that parents, grandparents, friends, siblings, etc...all come out for. Each class has its own time to shine: 1st the teacher is announced, then each child, individually, then the whole class performs a song for the crowd!

This year, Wade was the first one out...he was so uncomfortable up there on stage for the whole crowd to see...barely cracked a smile. But, as soon as he jumped off stage, he was all good! Introducing SuperMan Wade!
 photo 8_zps5c84906f.png

Next up was our spotlight lover, Navy Seal B-man! He loved being on stage, grinning from ear to ear. (Todd nearly had a heart attack when Brody debuted his entire costume...said he looked more like a terroist. The Black hood went into the garbage immediately...hehehe)
 photo 9_zps5255a3b5.png

Last, but not least, was Boxer Jack Jack! He played the part...stared the crowd down, from right to left, and even threw his hands on his hips at the end, for good measure! He rocked it!
 photo 7_zpse1795382.png

After the Halloween Parade, we visited with Nanny and Gator, grabbed snacks and took pics with our friends, and then we literally bolted out the door, cause Mommy and Daddy were hitting the road for Tallahassee!! Todd and I were able to spend a child-free weekend, attend the Bobby Bowden Day and FSU v. NC State game and hit the town with some dear friends. Thank you Nanny and Gator/ Pop's and Donna for spoiling our little crew...we gladly welcomed the break!
 photo 3_zpsc6da509c.png