Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mini Destin Fishing Rodeo Tourney

The Harrell's and The Wood's teamed up together at the Annual Kid's Destin Fishing Rodeo, Rootin'Tootin' Rodeo Round-up mini-tourney...and all that we managed to catch was a seagull. I am not kidding.

First up...the kids had a blast, even if we never caught a fish...
 photo 4_zpsbc61a70d.png

 photo 5_zps5fba6c2b.png

 photo 3_zps99e7d4cb.png

I kid you not, Todd actually "caught" a seagull. His little wing tip got wound up in the line. He was able to reel him in and bystanders cut the line away and he flew off, unscathed. Poor Todd. When he saw that his line was pulling, and he looked over the edge, he muttered, "Oh no....". To add to the excitement, someone down the way ended up hooking a sea turtle...had to slowly guide it to the end of the pier, where a guy was able to remove the hook from his poor mouth, and he swam off, unharmed, as well...So, = Fish-0/ Random Animals-2
 photo 6_zpse2455137.png