Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Headed back to Morrison Springs...things were extremely different this year, compared to last!

Feb 2012:
 photo Feb2012097_zps947f78cf.jpg

Feb 2013:
I swear to you, we are the world's LOUDEST family. Ever. Seriously, when we are in a location, people just stare. It is like a competition. We are all trying to talk over each other. Things were no different at the Springs last Saturday!
 photo 14_zps342fe1c1.png  photo 17_zpsed6821a4.png  photo 15_zps93c011b0.png  photo 16_zpsa7e46e22.png

We continued our loudness throughout our entire neighborhood, on our nightly walk/stroll/ride...take your pick...
 photo 18_zps6ea0fdb8.png

Seriously, is anyone else's family as loud as we are?
 photo 19_zps9d31b62e.png

Practicing our soccer skills, as Brody and Wade start soccer this Spring!
 photo 20_zps5616667d.png

All is well that ends well friends :)
 photo 177_zps7c7bfd0d.jpg