Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bye Bye Mrs. Katy!

Jack's 1 year old teacher had to make the decision to leave her teaching position to focus solely on her schooling....we will truly miss her! Her face lit up every morning when we dropped JackJack off...she encouraged him to be silly...encouraged his curiosity...helped to guide him and teach him and most of all, love him. She re-directed, discovered and interacted with him. She would chase him down the hallway, for just one more hug and kiss and not a day went by where they did not say, "I love you!" to each other. She really made an impact on our little family. Katy was actually one of Jack's first words! I am forever grateful to all of the teacher's and staff at our boys school. Thank you all for your daily patience and commitment to devoting your time to keeping young spirits engaged throughout the day!

 photo Katy_zps02f768d7.jpg

And the sweet letter she wrote to him...had me in tears!
 photo Katy_zps6d0b8cf3.jpg