Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Seaside and old stomping grounds

Ventured out to Seaside for the Saturday Farmer's Market and enjoyed the crisp, sunny weather by playing on the 'lawn' and mosing up and down the streets...without a care in the world!
 photo 1_zps87642b2e.png
 photo 3_zps44b69d4d.png
 photo 2_zps940beb83.png

We then headed to our old stomping grounds, the Shalimar Park. We literally played, ran, balanced, skipped and hopped for hours.
 photo 6_zps769fc2f0.png
 photo 7_zps225917ef.png
 photo 8_zps711c1573.png

Sweet JackJack is always trying to keep up. Bless his little heart. He will get there one day :) But, he always gets right back up and does it again!!
 photo 9_zpsd828c907.png