Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Making their cards!

Getting our Valentine cards ready for our friends! This year was the first, where they signed all of their own cards and wrote out all of their friends names (well, I wrote them in yellow marker and they traced them). They even stuffed em' with lolli pops, taped them shut and were so proud of their big boy skills...We did find out half way through this particular project, they work better separated, one with Mom and one with Dad. They have even told us, more than once, that they want to be in DIFFERENT kindergarten classes, if given the opportunity. Bittersweet...
 photo 4_zpsb42c4bb6.png

We made Jack's cards for his friends and here are the cards that B and W are passing out! We even made little tin bucket gifts for their teachers :)
 photo 5_zpsbda7f4c6.png