Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sunday Funday

Headed over to the Laird's/Deal's house on Sunday for a BBQ/get together with all of the kiddos..Deal made Beer can chicken, the ladies caught up in the kitchen, the kiddos played hard and everybody had Wal-Mart feet at the end of the day :)

These are the 2 best eaters in the group, well, besides Cailey bug!
 photo 5_zps4538ab2d.png

I would have to say a fun time was had by all!
 photo 6_zps901f381d.png
 photo 8_zpsc2299e6a.png
 photo 7_zps8ed61988.png
 photo 9_zps47335b2a.png

Can you imagine these 6 in 10 years?
 photo 058_zpscaa3518c.jpg
 photo 057_zps4aed290b.jpg