Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Poor baby has a virus that causes a rash...I guess, having 3 kids at the same school, the odds are just not in our favor when it comes to contracting the viruses that go around.

 photo 6_zpsc2d6b53e.png
But it hasn't slowed us down a bit!! Little dude is loving the one on one attention this week, as he is contagious and cannot go to school! Darn :)

I step out of the room for 1 minute, and come back to this sweet mess.
 photo 5_zps7aee87f9.png

We even took a mid-day stroll on the beach with Daddy:
 photo 065_zps32f591f4.jpg

The weather has been gorgeous lately. Highs in the 50's- 60's and the low's in the 30's. Perfect.
 photo 8_zps58440406.png
Oh Jack Jack. Your personality is shining through, more and more each day...You are hilarious! And bossy...oh little one, you have me and Brody beat on this one. You point your finger, saying a persons name, pointing where you want them to sit or what you want them to do. And you are the baby of the family, so we all oblige, knowing these moments are limited. You love to play "where are you?" and demand that we go into your closet, one by one, popping out to say, "Here I am!!" You sit right next to your crib and giggle so loudly!!! You have started saying, "Mommy-No" whenever I ask you to do something. And everything, is "Miinnneee!!!" I just love your strong personality kiddo!!  photo 7_zpsc75fe6b9.png