Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jack's Latest Stats

Jack had a great visit for his 2 month check-up!  He is just perfect...75th percentile for height, 50th percentile for weight!  He is following in the steps of Wade, favoring his right side and turning his head in that direction most of the time.  Not uncommon for infants...we just have to continue to show him that he can move his head to the left, do exercises to strengthen the other side and it will correct itself on its own! Thank goodness for Todd. He stayed in the room while Jack received his shots and I waited in the hallway, pacing back and forth the whole time. He actually did really well and only cried for a total of about 15 seconds...pretty good for 3 shots! Now Jack on the other hand, didn't make a peep..hahaha. Funny Funny. Jack was quite the trooper and left the Dr.'s office with a smile!

Stat’s compared to his big bro’s:
                      Birth Weight/ Height                              2 mo. Weight/ Height
Brody            6 lbs 6 ozs/ 19 inches                             11 lbs 3 ozs/ 22 ¼ inches
Wade             5 lbs 5 ozs / 19 inches                            8 lbs 6 ozs/ 21 inches
Jack               7 lbs 0 ozs/ 20 ½ inches                         11 lbs 8 ozs/ 23 ½ inches


I am so lucky that these 3 munchkins are mine...what a blessing!!