Friday, August 5, 2011

The Momma of three........

Todd attended his first week of the month Bowlegs meeting on Wednesday night, so that left me to pick up the boys' from school and our evening routine left to me. Solo. It is rare that I am alone with all 3. As I pulled into the school with a baby boy that just fell asleep in his car seat, I lug him out of the car and head into school to get my big boys. Every body oooh's and ahhh's over the sleeping babe while I learn that B-man bit 3 friends today. That has not happened in a very, very long time...After talking it over with him and explaining that we DO NOT BITE OUR FRIENDS...ever...he agrees, and we move on. We load up in the van, Jack starts wailing, the boys’ tell me how they pooped in the potty at school and B-man tells me that he is afraid to go poop in the potty at home, but not at school. Huh. I then decide to pull into Wendy’s to get chicken nuggets and fries. I just do not feel like cooking, so there. We get home, I feed Jack, pump, all at the kitchen table, mind you, while the boys eat their dinner. Such a sight, eh? While I fold laundry, the boys’ color and I move Jack from the crook of my neck to his swing. The boys’ tire of coloring quickly, so we move into the family room for yet another episode of Bubble Guppies. Ever seen it? (the chorus: Outside…Outside…line up line up line up, everybody outside….ok…got that out of my system…). I then move to the kitchen to wash bottles and sippy’s, reminding every 15 minutes or so to go potty, and peeking around the corner to check on JackJack, who has fallen fast asleep to the slow swinging motion and lullaby’s. I then quickly empty the dishwasher, swipe a bleach towelette over the counters, and plop down on the living room floor to finally enjoy my little family…until I realize it is already 7pm and bath time. After a quick bath, lotion, Q-tipping of the ears and fresh laundered jammies, the boys are all snuggled up on the couch enjoying shark week. Wait, I forgot to eat dinner...again. Sigh. Then, it is Jack’s turn. 2 down and 1 to go. I scoop his little warm body up from his swing and bathe his soft skin at the kitchen sink. Repeat…lotion, soft baby massage, and fresh laundered jammies and we finally set for the night.

I spend the next 30 minutes snuggling with my 3 precious sons, all lying across me. They smell of Aveno lavender lotion and downy dryer sheets. Their eyes start to tell the signs of nite nite time, and instead of putting them to bed at 8, I hold them a little tighter and let them stay up for another half an hour so I can snuggle and take them all in. They are all beautiful and healthy…and mine.

The Momma of 3……