Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mid Week Rambles

This post is mostly all about crazy Jack Jack and our spontaneous adventure to see his bud, Carsen!

First, though, since the little man will be 2 years old this month, he feels it extremely necessary to adorn dress himself properly. The more shirts and hats, the better. At one point this week, he had on a t-shirt, a polo shirt, a jacket and a rain coat, as well as 2 hats, 3 pairs of socks, googles and rain boots. He is quite the multitasker, as he was able to hold 3 noonies and a fruit roll up. Don't underestimate the power of a good outfit!!
 photo 2_zpsea816194.png

OK...back to our spontaneous Saturday adventure...

Great Grandmother Harrell was recently in the hospital for blood pressure issues and was just discharged to go home, so Todd and the big boys decided to head over to Macclenny early Saturday morning to surprise her and help in bring joy to her recovery!! Uncle Scotty and Cousin Caden joined in on the fun too! These are the only pics that Todd took.... :)
 photo 11_zpse659d18a.png

So, while they were driving to Macclenny, Jack and I headed over to Gulf Breeze to hang out with the Dasinger clan and go to the Annual Crawfish Festival! It is always fun to get Carsen and Jack together, as they are only 6 weeks apart. (Carsen has an awesome birthday...he was born on the 4th of July!)
 photo 6_zps4da84031.png

Neither one would have stayed in the wagon if they were not in there it was a perfect pairing! They both are obsessed with their hats and never took them off...
 photo 4_zpsf18c98fb.png
 photo 5_zps3eca4b16.png

We had high hopes of being able to let the kiddos run around and dance to the music. You know, hang out on a big open grassy area and watch the festival around us? Well, it was way too packed with adults and bigger kiddos...they did have fun dancing with the band for a bit, though!
 photo 3_zps40e9b0af.png
 photo 025_zps64f93a52.jpg

After about a half an hour of chasing the kids, we decided it would probably be a better idea to venture across the street and play at the park. They had free rain to roam and run...and enjoy chicken on a stick! And bananas, fruit snacks, pirates booty, crackers and anything else they could get their hands on. Those boys can eat!!
 photo 8_zpsafcb08a5.png
 photo 9_zpsba04e4d3.png

We then ended up back at their home, where the adults enjoyed shrimp Po Boys, music and The Derby. The kiddos, well, they kept running :)

 photo 1_zpse42f81f2.png

and exploring and playing really well together!
 photo 7_zps1c1aa2f3.png
 photo 10_zps096c9df8.png

Thank you Mags, Doug and Carsen for having us...cannot wait to come back for an adults only trip to watch the Pensacola Wahoo's!
 photo 456785_3286287590111_1035158235_o_zpsaa1c4af9.jpeg