Monday, May 20, 2013

Boys will be boys

Just a typical school night with the Harrell Boys! Daddy + Water Hose + 3 little guys = endless fun :)
 photo 1_zps8892a585.png
 photo 2_zps644b8b2e.png

This was absolutely hilarious. Jack was holding the hose and kept putting his mouth on it... and didn't realize that Todd was turning it on and off, giving poor Jack Jack no warning, as the water came flying out, flooding his mouth and splashing his face. He did this over and over again, cracking up the entire time!
 photo 3_zps850f7c49.png
 photo 4_zpsd45bc305.png

And a video...

They had so much fun....Love having all boys!! (And, yes, Brody is naked and Wade only has a shirt on. Our poor neighbors!)
 photo 5_zps25d6766f.png