Thursday, August 30, 2012

15 months!

At, 15 months, JDH...

  • Falls asleep easily & wakes up happy
  • Still loves the paci (calls it a nuh-nee)
  • Enjoys books, playing with trucks, being outside and wearing hats
  • Favorite food is string cheese
  • Physically very rough & loves to test his boundaries, constantly!
  • Great mimicker, copying things that others do...
  • Gives high fives, blows kisses and loves peek-a-boo and where's Jack?
  • Says bye, hi, more, up, down, no, mama, dada, book, yo yo, nuh-nee, eat, nose, eye, ear, nice, night night and his newest word, WHOA!

(He has his 15 month appointment next Wednesday, so will post his stats then!)

I, could literally, eat this child up.  My beautiful baby...

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