Saturday, February 18, 2012

Poor Jack Jack!!

Thursday, we felt it was finally time to take Jack to the Dr, because he was not getting better...he was getting worse. He was feverish, irritable, extreme lack of appetite and a wheezing, barking like cough. While at the Dr, we discovered that the little guy not only had his double ear infection back, but Dr. Burton thought he was showing all of the classis symptoms of RSV. My stomach sunk to my feet...Caden was hospitalized for this as a baby, so I know the effect the virus can have on a little ones lungs. She offered for him to be tested and I agreed.

After lots of going round and round, we discovered the only place that will test a baby for RSV is the Pediatric Dr. Burton called in a favor to one of the Nurses and we were just supposed to run in, have his nose swabbed, get the instant results and be on our way. To make a long story short, after the Nurse heard the way he was breathing, she told us we were now going to have to register, as he needed to be checked out and in fact become a patient. When he was first seen, his pulse ox was in the 80's, his RSV test came back positive and we were told he was going to be admitted. During this time, the boys school owner, Ms. Cristy, high tailed it to the ER to be with me and baby Jack...and I am forever grateful...and she satyed with us the entire time we were there! Whitney also ran to my house to pick up things we would need for the night...thank you Whit! You do not realize how scared you become when your baby is in the ER, about to be admitted for breathing problems!

Throughout the 5 hours we were there, they administered several breathing treatments, took chest x-rays and continued to monitor his breaths per minute and pulse ox, that finally went back up to a steady 95-96. (Normal is 100). Although he looks calm and collected in the pics we took with our cell phones, he was a ball of energy from all of the Albuterol. He was literally banging his head on the bed, rolling everywhere, squirming out of our was nuts!

The chest xrays came back clear...thank God!!! So, I was given the option to admit him or bring him home. They told me that they would do the exact same in the hospital as I could do for him at home, so we opted for home...RSV is not a fun sickness at all. It can be quite we are extremely thankful that he was able to fight off a serious lung infection! After a rigourous treatment of around the clock, every 3 hour breathing treatments, lots of fluids and rest, he is finally starting to show signs of improvent today! Go Jack Go!

A few of our friends have babies that are sick withthe same symptoms, so please please pray long and hard that all of these little ones get better quickly!!


ali b. said...

Oh poor baby Jack! We were just at the hospital with Ava having an MRI for her migraines so I KNOW how scary it is! I'm so so glad he is on the mend! xoxo