Wednesday, February 22, 2012

B-man, Crazy Peanut and JackJack

Think about all of the nicknames you end up calling your children throughout the years…the sweet ones, some that come and go and some that stick?? Other people won’t get it…might even look at you funny, or start using some of the nicknames themselves. I was known as ‘Lubs’ all throughout college because of my maiden name…or ‘Carls’ or ‘Car-Car’ from my family… Todd was known (heck he still is) as Senior or Hairball. Both strange, but fits him to a tee. His Mom and I both call him ‘T’. Here are some of our boy’s nicknames, for prosperity’s sake, of course:

Brody: BB, B-man, B-Road, B, Bro-Bro, Rowdie, Bucket Head

Wade: Crazy Peanut, Dub, Punky

Jack: JackJack, J, Jickity, JickJick, the Jickers, Ricker Ticker Jicker Jacker

Don’t even begin to ask how these have come about. They just have and I never want to forget them!!