Sunday, December 5, 2010

The bug that kicked our tails...

A sweet story I don't want to forget....completely captures the innocence of childhood.

The stomach bug swept thru the Harrell household this week/weekend...By far the absolute work sickness we have EVER had.  Period.  The B-man threw up at/on/around/all over the dinner table and after the poor little guy was finally done, this was our conversation:

B:  "Mama.  I spilled."

Me:  "Oh no baby, you didn't spill, you threw up."

B:  "I spilled throw up..."   

That little conversation darn near broke my heart.  He has now almost perfected his aim into the "puke bucket".  And so has Wade, as well as the lucky Mama.  Whew.  Hope we do not have to experience that ever again!!

The boys showing that stomach bug what’s up, by flexing their HUGE muscles: