Saturday, September 8, 2012

So, I have really been having the "I want another baby" feeling going on. Not that I really want another one...really, I am perfectly content, and the old tubes are tied anyways...but, you know the feeling, when your "baby" really isn't a "baby" anymore? And you would do anything to be back at the 6 week old infant stage...well, again, not really, cause that means no sleep, sore boobies and walking delirium, but, just the whole idea of having a new baby. Their sweet little noises, first smiles...all of the little baby milestones...ahhh. I really do love the whole newborn stage.

And then, literally you blink, and your "baby" is now a toddler...............Bittersweet I guess.

By the way Jack will always be my baby. And so will you Wade and Brody.