Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Is it bed time yet?

Do you ever have one of those days? Yeah...those days, were you wake up, counting down the minutes until bedtime? Well...we had one of those nights last night. Now, looking back, it was rather comical...

All within a few hours...

I opened the frig and out came a Tupperware with just cooked teriyaki veggies. Splat...all over the floor, frig and my feet.

Skip ahead 1/2 hour...Todd is making a turkey and cheese sandwich, with big slices of juicy tomatoes on the stove, and I still have no idea what exactly happened, but the sandwich ended up on the floor. The spatula is now broken and Todd might still be hungry. What's another mess to clean up at this point?

Skip ahead 1/2 hour...Brody requested to go to bed at 7p...(by the way, I do not think ANY of our children have ever requested to actually go to bed, just saying.) OK, staying on point...and they still sleep in pullups, that we call "just in cases" and since B was not feeling well and dragging, Todd was helping him get his jammies on. As he was pulling up his just in case, he just started peeing. Right there in his room. Thank God none got on the floor, but still, another mess to clean up. This one not on the floor, but on a child. And this is a child that has not had an "awake" accident in over a year.

Skip ahead 1/2 hour...Wade comes running out of the bathroom...Mom! Dad! "The toilet has a BIG LEAK!" Come to find out it overflowed with all of it's nasty goodness...5 towels and some bleach, that too, was now cleaned up.

This was all on top of 2 kiddos out of school, B with a low grade fever and a cough and J with a diaper rash that just won't quit. Todd's TV went out, again, and my day at work was not good. It ain't always rainbows and butterflies.

This TV from our kitchen is not the TV Todd had in mind for football season. Hehehehehe: