Saturday, September 8, 2012

Friday night...I was in our bedroom watching some HGTV house makeover show, Todd was in the family room, Jack was already asleep, and the boys were watching a new pirate movie in their TV room...
Todd comes in and says to me, "Come here, you have got to see them...". So, I, of course ask immediately, "Do I need my camera?" (I mean, heaven forbid I do not document every step of our kids waking hours...) I peek around the corner and see that every pillow, blanket and stuffed animal from their bedroom, has been hauled and placed into their little space. Todd whispers, "Wade did this all by himself. He kept going back and forth!"


They were so proud...and I asked them if they wanted to sleep out there for the night and they both immediately shrieked, "Yes!". When I told them to get their jammies on, brush their teeth and go potty, Wade was already in the bathroom before I was finished giving them the OK! Seriously, the normal nighttime routine takes about 10-15 minutes. Last night, 3 minutes, max. Gotta love a kid on a mission!

(Although they did not end up sleeping in their TV room, memories were made, and that is all that really counts in the end. I wish I had a twin.)