Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Unfortunately, Wade will be having surgery at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola on Friday. The breaks are worse than we originally expected, literally right on his growth he will be having a pin inserted, his arm re-casted, and we will pray for a return of a full range of motion. I was blown away when the Dr. immediately said that he would be having surgery. I thought for sure, that we would get his orange cast and we would be on our way. I was wrong :( In the "casting room", the have a board where they keep a tally of where each break took place, ie. football, gymnastics, skateboarding, car accident, monkey bars, etc. There were about 30 different categories that they have up on that board and guess which one had the most tally marks underneath it?? The damn monkey bars. Our hearts ache for our little peanut...who will be in lots of pain after the surgery. He might even have to stay the night after his surgery, depending upon the level that the surgery will require. More pics of our little man that is about as calm, sweet and smiley as they come. Never shed a tear. Please keep the prayers a comin'!!

If you look closely at the horrible cell pic, you can see how swollen his elbow is after they removed the cast: Photobucket

A close up: