Monday, May 7, 2012

1st Broken bone(s)

Wade was hanging from the highest monkey bars at the park. And he slipped and hit the ground, hard. Todd scooped him up, belted him in the carseat and headed for home. He called me, only to discover that I was at Publix with we agreed to meet at the ER, Todd take the groceries and Brody and Jack home, and I would go into the ER with sweet Wade. After a lot of waiting, watching videos on you tube, and an x-ray of his arm and elbow, the Nurse came in to deliver the news...She said that the ER was extremely busy and that we would not be able to see a Dr (????), but that one had "read" his x-rays and that he had broken his elbow in 2 different places. They casted his arm in a temporary hard cast, open on the top in case he continued to swell, wrapped it with a bandage and gave him a sling, and gave us instructions to meet with an Ortho. Doc on Monday. Sweet boy cried after it happened, on the way to the ER and for maybe 5 minutes while we were getting adjusted into our room, and then he was all smiles. He never cried, during the x-ray, the casting...nothing. He was so brave and I was incredibly proud of our big boy! He even talked about how is hospital bracelets made him a secret agent and that he was going to share with with Brody as soon as he got home! Both boys wore those bracelets proudly all day Saturday...melt my heart! So, since we have not even seen a Dr. yet...grrrrrrrr.....we are anxiously awaiting his appointment for tomorrow at 8:45a with Dr. Thackery. Wade hopes he will "get an orange cast", while we are praying for clean breaks, that require no surgery. Ahh, life with 3 boys...pretty sure this is the first of many visits to the ER!! Little guy was so worn out from the trauma of the situation, that he fell fast asleep: Photobucket

Nothing worse than seeing your child in pain: Photobucket

Our brave Wade! Photobucket

All immobilized and ready to leave! Photobucket

Your 1st broken bone(s)...May 5, 2012. You are 3 years and 9 months old... Photobucket