Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Celebration at school:

How incredibly wonderful it is to be a Mother. I still cannot believe that these two little kiddos are mine. They are spunky, hilarious, smart, handsome...I could go on and on. And I cannot believe that we are about to add another sweet boy to our say I am blessed is a MAJOR understatement. Thank you Brody and Wade for making all of my dreams come true...

The scene was all set...playground spotless...tables all lined up with flowers and tablecloths...little lanterns hanging from the trees...Then, in the schools tradition, each class walked out the back door to present their Mommies with a song and a special homemade gift:

The 2 year olds came walking out...immediately bashful, some running to their Mom's, some started to cry and some just stood there, looking at the sky. They practiced and practiced their special song all week: 'I will Love You Forever, I Will Love You For Always'...and what do you know. Not one kid ended up singing it....melt. my. heart. Wade presented me with flowers and a beautiful bag, made by Miss Biz, with his handprints and picture and a sweet little poem that actually made me tear up!!

Then...out came the 3 year olds...They were all ready to go and sang their little hearts out! Except Mr. B-man. He became all bashful, sat on his bottom, and looked at the ground...My sweet shy boy!! He also presented me with flowers and a painted pot, filled with little flowers and the cutest 3 pictures you have ever seen...

Once all of the classes were finished with their songs, my boys loosened up a bit, broke out of their shyness and had a ball. Thank you to all of the teachers for making my Mother's Day extra special. We love you all so much and feel lucky each and every day to have you a part of our lives. When you ask B or W who their best friend is in their class, Wade will respond with "Miss Biz" and Brody will respond with "Miss Jamie". I think that says it all!!


Cristy said...

Hey Carley!!I had been checking my email waiting for your blog to be updated... yes.... you have an oficial fan =)loved it AGAIN! Happy mothers day!