Monday, November 16, 2009

We are 15 months old!

(This is a long post!!!)

I think this has been the longest I have ever gone without posting to the blog. Must be that I am extremely busy with 2- "full speed ahead" toddlers! They have started preschool, braved their first tropical storm, turned 15 months and we have experienced our first major illness...a double ear infection! Before I get ahead of myself, lets start with their first day of "Cool"...that is what Brody calls school. It melts my heart....

All in all, their first week was wonderful, considering it was only 3 days long. School was cancelled on Tuesday, due to Hurricane Ida, which downsized into a tropical storm, thank God! Then, school was closed on Wednesday to honor all of our Veteran', their first week consisted of Monday, Thursday and, in late on Friday, because they had their 15 month check up and shots!

I think I was more nervous than the boys walking up the ramp to the front door of the school. In the mornings, all kids meet in the 3 year old room, until there are enough kids to separate into their individual classrooms. Brody and Wade were in awe of all of the new toys and kids to look at. They barely cried and survived their first day!

Daddy and his boys:

I forgot to tell the teachers that Wade does not like fruit, so when they served him peaches with his breakfast, he threw them on the floor. He also decided to stand on the top of the little playground in his classroom all day. Typical Wade. While Wade was king of the jungle, Brody talked on the "phone" all day long and gobbled up every bit of food that he was served! The school that they are going to is absolutely fantastic!! They emailed me and called me throughout the day, to assure me that the boys were doing fine.

Here they are in their 1 year old classroom, Miss Megan and Miss Sara's class! That is the jungle gym that Wade stood up on all day...and still does!

Miss Campbell, showing the boys how to dive in and conquer the toys:

Wade, looking around, wondering where all of these new toys and people have come from:

Brody, still looking sleepy, taking it all in:

Cristy, the Director, even sent me pics on my phone of the boys taking a nap on their maps! Seriously, how wonderful is that???

Can you believe that they are actually sleeping on those mats? I hear that Cristy has magical powers...

***(I am not going to post what school they go to, just because there are so many weirdo's out there, but if anybody is interested in knowing, shoot me an email. I HIGHLY recommend it...the communication is awesome, the areas are spotless, kids are happy and teachers are loving!)***

Here are 2 sweet pics of the boys after their 2nd day of school:

B-man is finally catching up with Wade in the bruise department. Check out his forehead!

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent indoors, because the weather left over from Ida was yucky... so as soon as the weather cleared up, we headed to the park!

I LOVE these pics of Todd throwing B up into the air...Could he be smiling any bigger?

On Friday, Todd and I took the boys to their 15 month checkup and shot appointments. Here are their stats:

Wade at 15 months old:
33 inches tall and weighs in at 30lbs! 90th percentile for both
14-16 teeth
Runs everywhere he goes
Is STILL becoming crazier by the day
Has actually started trying all types of foods and is liking them! Cheese is still his fav...
Still hates fruit of any kind
Is quite the cuddler
Very laid back, outgoing and does not know a stranger
Falls asleep easily, but wakes up a grump
Loves to be the center of attention and has turned into such a ham!
Has gone from our professor to our monkey, who climbs everything.
Still loves to drink(chug) and seems to always have a sippy cup with water around
He is obsessed with books and prefers them to all other toys

Brody at 15 months old:
33 inches tall and weighs in at 29 lbs! 90th percentile for both
12 teeth
He is a sensitive soul, and already a deep thinker
Is still very partial to people he knows and prefers females over ANY male, except his Daddy
Will eat just about anything and everything! Banana's and cheese are still his fav
Is very inqusitive and studies peoples lips movements when they talk
Would rather sleep with Mama and Dada instead of in his crib...which does not happen.
Is a great mimicker and loves to copy things that people do.
Is quite the talker and will repeat A LOT of words
Always smiling and flirting
Wakes up every morning with a smile, every single time
Points at everything, and his new fav is the sky
Loves to follow direction and loves the praise that comes along with it
Physically very rough, but has the most gentle eyes

B-man was just not acting himself this past weekend. Cried all night long on Friday and barely played on Sunday and started to feel warm. He woke up Monday morning with a 103 degree temp. Took him back to the Dr. (remember, we were just there on Friday for shots?) and she diagnosed him with a double ear infection. She also said that he was showing signs for the flu, and just to be safe, she put both B and W on Tamiflu to nip it in the bud. After 2 days of a lethargic Brody, he has finally turned a corner! The fever has been gone since late this morning and he is actually eating and drinking. Thank God! We are almost positive that it wasn't the flu, and just a horrible ear infection...which will be a blessing, because then hopefully Wade will not catch it!
Here he is asleep at the DR.'s office, on my lap...
And here he is, on the pallet that Daddy made in the living room today! He LOVED it and I think really enjoyed the 1-on-1 time with Mommy and Daddy, while Wade was at school.